InCall us at 320-255-9689 to pre-order either large quantities or to special order in something we aren’t currently carrying.
crappieCrappie minnows are in-stock.

Sold in full scoop or 1/2 scoop. Call to pre-order a gallon or 1/2 gallon.

fatheadFathead minnows are in-stock

Sold in full scoop or 1/2 scoop. Call to pre-order a gallon or half gallon


Sucker minnows are in-stock

suckers are all in-stock and sold by the dozen and 1/2 dozen. Call to pre-order large quantities. 

Decoy suckers are currently out-of-stock.

shinerSpot tail Shiners are out-of-stock

Sold in dozen or 1/2 dozen. 

golden shiner

Golden Shiners are currently in-stock

Sold by dozen or 1/2 dozen.

rainbowRainbows are in-stock

Only sold by the scoop. 

river chubRiver Chubs are in-stock

Sold by the dozen and 1/2 dozen.

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